Know the harm of carrying water bottles around all day?

If you are used to drinking water in a plastic bottle and carrying it around throughout the day, this habit can be potentially harmful to your health.

This is because exposure to sunlight can leach toxic chemicals from water bottles.

This warning came from a study conducted in China.

Research has shown that exposure to sunlight releases a variety of compounds into plastic water bottles.

These compounds are based on chemicals that evaporate easily at room temperature.

Most chemicals are harmless, but some have negative health effects on a short-term and long-term basis.

In this study, the effects of sunlight and ultraviolet rays on 6 types of plastic bottles were examined.

The results showed that exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays released a variety of chemicals into the bottles, some of which were quite toxic.

According to the researchers, drinking water from these bottles occasionally does not pose a health risk, but long-term use increases the risk to health.

He said that evidence shows that plastic bottles emit toxic chemicals when exposed to sunlight, which increases health risks.

He said that by the way, this risk is not very high, but then caution is needed.

The results of this research were published in the journal Eco Environment and Health.

Earlier in January 2024, a joint study by Columbia University and Rutgers University discovered that the water in such bottles contains millions of tiny plastic particles.

According to research, bottled water contains on average two and a half lakh plastic particles per liter.

The research found that 100,000 to 400,000 plastic particles can be present in every liter of water.

But are these small plastic particles harmful to human health?

Scientists still do not know the final answer to this question.

According to the researchers, as the research work is going on, we do not yet know how dangerous these particles are or could prove to be.

He said that we know that these particles reach different parts of the body and the effects of these particles on the cells are being evaluated.

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