Revealing the Surprising Effects of Hot Weather on the Body

The intensity of summer is increasing every year and spending time in high temperatures increases the risk of several medical problems including heat stroke and others.

As the intensity of heat increases, the pressure on the heart and kidneys increases, while the severity of heart diseases and respiratory system diseases also increases.

But hot weather also has another surprising effect on the body, and that is reduced appetite.

Simply put, the higher the temperature, the lower the appetite.

So why does this happen?

According to medical experts, heat is generated in the body while digesting food and using its ingredients for energy.

He said that there is a difference in the consumption of calories in cold weather and summer.

Calorie is basically a measure of heat, in cold weather we need to burn calories to generate heat in the body, while in hot weather it is difficult for the body to make as many calories as the body gets overheated.

Although the mechanisms linking temperature and food cravings are not yet fully understood, animal research suggests that when temperatures are high, the production of the hormone ghrelin in the stomach decreases.

This hormone stimulates the feeling of hunger in the brain.

According to experts, communication between the brain and the gut may play a role in controlling food intake, but we cannot yet explain the mechanism.

So what should be eaten in hot weather?

According to experts, some foods cause a high rise in body temperature and this is not because they are high in chilies.

When the weather is hot, people’s desire for foods that require more effort to digest and body temperature increases.

Experts said that this does not mean that when the weather is hot, the body does not need ingredients such as protein or fiber, in fact, the body always needs a certain amount of them, so people eat small amounts of food throughout the day. should be used.

He said that one should avoid eating foods that are high in calories.

He said that an adequate amount of water in the body is important in case of a rise in temperature.

He further said that water is the best to protect the body from dehydration, but some people do not like its taste, so such people can add a slice of cucumber to the water.

Similarly, low-fat milk is also a good option as it cools the drink and contains more nutrients.

However, the use of high-caffeine drinks should be avoided because they dehydrate the body while increasing sweating.

However, moderate consumption of caffeine is not harmful, and moderate consumption of tea or coffee is beneficial for health.

It is not necessary to keep the amount of water in the body at an adequate level through drinks, food also provides enough water to the body.

Foods like melons, watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers and curds are high in water content while also cooling the body.

According to experts, the body feels cool from vegetables and fruits with high water content because we often eat them cold.


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