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An interesting feature based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being introduced for Gmail Android users.

A great feature addition to Gmail

With this feature, instead of reading any email, you will be able to view its summary or summary.

This feature will use AI technology to extract the main points of long emails.

According to the report, the feature is aimed at providing convenience to busy people who find it difficult to read long emails continuously on a smartphone.

Thanks to this feature, those people will be able to quickly know the important points of an email and respond accordingly.

A new button will be added to the Gmail app for this feature.

A feature called summarize this email is still in the works and is hinted at in the Gmail app’s code.

Note that Gmail’s Android app is also introducing a new chat-style response interface.

With this feature, the experience of replying to Gmail emails will be similar to that of a messaging app.

Now when replying to an email on Gmail, a new reply window opens with the above details displayed in snippets.

But with this new feature, when you click on the reply button, the above email will look like a reply to the WhatsApp message.

This will help to read the message on the email and reply to it without having to remember what was written in the email.

This kind of design has been seen so far only in messaging apps like WhatsApp.


Useful feature addition to Gmail

use full features addition

If you use Google’s Gmail service for emails, you’ll love the new addition.

Google is improving the Help Me Write feature in the Gmail app for Android phones.

This feature helps in drafting emails using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Right now, users write custom emails to the AI ​​bot by giving them written instructions.

But in the near future, you won’t even need to touch the keyboard because you’ll be able to do it just by speaking.

According to a report by Android Authority, a new feature is being tested in the Gmail app.

With this feature called Draft Email With Your Voice, you will be able to speak the instructions for the email.

The report said that for this purpose, an AI bot will be added to the Gmail app which will take into account the audio instructions and compose and draft the email.

The voice typing interface will automatically open a large mic button on the screen when you start composing a new email or reply to an email.

By clicking this button you will record your instructions and then click the Create button so that the AI ​​technology can draft the email.

It is not yet clear when Google will introduce this feature to the Gmail app on Android phones.

Right now, the Help Me Write feature is also limited to Google Workspace Labs users in the US and only works with English instructions.

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Now blue tick will be added on Gmail accounts as well

gmail blue tick

Until now, accounts on social media networks like Twitter or Facebook were given a blue tick.

But Google is also introducing the blue tick feature for email service Gmail accounts.

The purpose of this feature is to assure users that the email sent by an account is authentic and not fraudulent.

The addition of the blue checkmark to Gmail is being done under Google’s Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) technology.

Google started testing this technology in Gmail in 2020.

In a blog post, the company said that initially, a blue tick will be added to Gmail accounts of companies to indicate that the email account is authentic.

When the mouse cursor is placed over this email, a message confirming the user’s authenticity will appear with a link to further details.

Google said that verifying the authenticity of an email account would help users while making it easier for email security systems to identify spam emails.

This feature is rolling out to all users in the next few days and workspace admins will be able to get a blue tick on their company email account.

Gmail’s new search feature has been introduced

If you use Gmail and have thousands of emails in your inbox, the good news is that the service has improved searching.

In a blog post from Google, it was mentioned that searching emails in Gmail will now be faster than before.

Most of the users face difficulties in finding the necessary emails in the inbox and keeping this in mind a search feature was introduced in Gmail in July.

Now the search feature in Gmail has been improved which will make it easier to find emails.

In fact, finding names and contact information is now much easier.

Users will also be able to feel the difference in search results with this new feature.

According to Google, now the Gmail search will also take into account the past search activities, which means that the results will appear according to the searches done in the past.

The email search tool will also remember activities outside of the search bar, such as how many times you’ve contacted a person on Gmail, to tailor search results.

Google expects this change to make Gmail search more helpful for users.

This feature has been introduced for the web version of Gmail and will not be available in the mobile app.

Keep in mind that a few months ago, Google said that machine learning technology is now being used for Gmail search.

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