Benefits of using pickle oil in food

In Asian countries including Pakistan, pickles are widely used to enhance the taste of food.

Pickles are made not only from mangoes but also from different vegetables and people like pickles from different types of vegetables.

After the pickle is finished, its oil is left behind, which is usually thrown away by people, but did you know that this pickle oil can be used in food to get benefits?


Pickle oil is rich in antioxidants because these antioxidants in the oil come from vegetables that protect the body from damaging cells, this oil reverses the decrease in antioxidant levels in the body.

use pickle oil in food

Reduces the risk of inflammation

The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties due to ingredients like garlic and turmeric present in pickles that help in eliminating inflammation from the body.

Digestive system

Consuming pickle oil in food can also keep the digestive system healthy and it also plays a role in strengthening the immune system while it also helps in the absorption of nutrients in the body.

Useful for hair

Fenugreek seeds and kalonji are also added while making pickles, which add their properties to the pickle oil, so it is believed that using pickle oil can also promote hair growth. .

Use in salads

Most people use olive oil while making salad, if you add a small amount of pickled oil to your salad, your salad can have a unique taste.

Pickle: Good or Bad?

We all enjoy pickled foods, but is it beneficial for our health? Let’s delve into this.


1. Without Preservatives: If chutney is made at home, it uses natural preservatives like oil, salt, and vinegar, which are not harmful to health.
2. Probiotics: Some pickles, like fermented pickles, contain probiotics which are good for the digestive system.
3. Antioxidants: Vegetables and fruits are used in pickles, which are rich in antioxidants, strengthening the immune system.
4. Taste and Appetite: Eating pickles enhances taste and increases appetite, which makes food more enjoyable.


1. High Salt Content: Pickles contain too much salt which can increase blood pressure and is not good for heart health.
2. Oil and Sugar: Some pickles contain a lot of oil and sugar which gives unhealthy fats and extra calories.
3. Preservatives: Pickles available in the market contain chemical preservatives which can be harmful for health.
4. Digestive Issues: Eating too many pickles can cause acidity and digestive issues, as they are spicy and tangy.


Whether pickles are good or bad depends on how they are prepared and how much you consume. If you eat homemade pickles in moderate quantities, then it can be good for your health. But, market pickles and excessive consumption should be avoided. Moderation is key!

Note: So, enjoy your pickles but keep in mind how much and how you are eating them!

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