Heavy rains in UAE, flight schedule affected, metro stations flooded

Heavy rains in UAE, flight schedule affected, metro stations flooded

Heavy rains in UAE

Dubai: A new advisory has been issued regarding heavy rains in the United Arab Emirates.

Heavy rains have disrupted life in the UAE, where torrential rains have continued in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since Monday night, while a new advisory has forecast rain, lightning and hail.

According to media reports, the flight schedule at Dubai Airport has been affected due to heavy rain and several important highways in Dubai have been flooded due to heavy rain.

The UAE Meteorological Department says that the rain may continue till Wednesday.

According to the Emirati authorities, several highways in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been closed, there is a flood situation in several roads and areas, due to which several stations of the Dubai Metro have also been flooded.

Heavy rains in UAE, flight schedule affected,

Officials have directed people to avoid unnecessary exit from home and to check the passenger flight schedule to come to the airport.

UAE predicts heavy rains, orders employees to work from home and schools to hold online classes

The UAE government has taken important measures to deal with heavy rains.

Heavy rains in UAE,

Winds of up to 70km/h are forecast in the UAE today and tomorrow, with residents advised to exercise caution while motorists are asked to avoid non-essential travel.

According to a foreign news agency, Dubai and other states of the United Arab Emirates have created a plan to deal with heavy rain. Under the plan, government offices have been instructed to work from home, while educational institutions. I have instructed vacation and online classes.

The United Arab Emirates and the Middle East seem to be making every possible effort to protect themselves from financial and human losses through effective planning to deal with changing weather conditions, according to Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council. I have directed all government agencies to discharge their responsibilities by using digital technology due to climate change.

Emirati authorities have also directed the private sector to make work-from-home arrangements for employees and ensure their safety during the fluctuating weather.

On the instructions of Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, schools in Dubai have sent messages to parents today to hold remote learning sessions, emergency police and transport authorities have also taken precautionary measures to ensure public safety.

Heavy rain in UAE, water accumulates on roads in Sharjah

Heavy rains are continuing in various states of the United Arab Emirates.

flight schedule affected, metro stations flooded

The UAE state of Fujairah received heavy rains after which water flow increased near the mountains.

Officials have advised people to drive carefully in low-lying areas.

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>>>Apart from this, there was heavy rain in Kalba area of ​​Sharjah yesterday, due to which water accumulated on the roads.

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